Merry Christmas and Happy Outlander Season 3 Finale and Book 2 Review!

Merry Christmas and Happy Outlander Season 3 Finale and Book 2 Review!

Merry Christmas! It’s been a year of transition and experimentation, but I am excited for the New Year. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family, a place to live, fur babies, and of course books and blogging. This year I started The Book Bug Reviews and it’s been a learning experience, but I am excited to continue learning and improving.

It wouldn’t be the end of the year if I didn’t talk about the end of Outlander Season 3 and my thoughts on the end of book 2! So let’s talk about the end of Season 3 first because, as my brother says, there were so many drama lamas. Warning: This post does contain spoilers.

My Top 3 Highlights from the end of the Season

1. Geillis is
a) Alive
b) Crazy
c) Did I mention she’s a psychotic killer who would murder innocent men to jump through time?

My dear friend will attest that way back in Season 1 I said there was no way that Geillis was dead because they didn’t kill her on screen and this is a show where they nail people’s hands to desks. On. Screen. Therefore, it stands to reason that the producers would never pass up the chance to burn someone alive on screen unless they didn’t actually do it. And then when I read book 1, Diana just casually mentions the fact that Claire thinks Geillis is dead, but Claire never actually confirms that she is dead. All that to say, I was right! Geillis is alive.

Now Geillis is nothing to be excited about, unless you dig murdering chicks. Then by all means get excited. (Full disclosure: I kinda dig murdering chicks. Not the murdering part because that’s bad. But the whole I’m gonna do what I want because I’m a powerful crazy lady. That’s pretty cool.)  Conclusion: Geillis + weird time travel prophecy = extremely interesting and vaguely disturbing events.

2. I adore Young Ian.
I have a 200% crush on Young Ian. His Scottish accent just kills me. The entire second half of the season has been about finding this poor kidnapped kid who just makes my heart melt with his lopsided smile. I was overjoyed that he was in the finale because I was missing his face. Also the fact that he is being held prisoner by the afore mentioned crazy Geillis provides a certain level of peril that makes my concern for him grow to a ridiculous degree. I was 100% convinced that he was going to end up as BBQ in Geillis’ latest scheme. But thankfully I was completely wrong, because I don’t know if my heart could withstand the loss of his dear face.

3. The epic cliffhanger ending
I’m so excited for the next season! This season has been great with the Black Sails ship cross-over and the fabulous sailors and lots of views of wet Jamie, but if there is one period of history that I adore it is colonial America. Ladies and gents we are heading straight for such a time and I really hope that we get to experience Jamie and Claire and Brianna and Roger in the revolutionary war, because that would be epic.

Ok enough flailing about the finale. Let me talk about the second book, because I have triumphed over the extreme length.

Dragonfly in Amber Mini Review

1. One complaint.
This is the second book that I have read this year that is about 1,000 pages, and I must say I really think it’s too long. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll totally read the 6 remaining Outlander books 1,000+pages and all, but it takes me so long because the books are really really really long. Isn’t there a way to tell the story just as well in say 500 pages? I would much prefer a book of that length.

2. One thing I loved.
Claire and Jamie aren’t as depressed as they are in the second season. In the television series they fight a lot and they seem to be constantly mad at each other or having sex. But in the book it’s different. They do have fights, but they make up and then go back to being the cute dorky couple. There is more humor in the book than in the show. The humor is one of the things that I fell in love with in the first season, and I felt that it was missing, especially in Paris in the show, so to see that it was still present in the book brought joy to my heart.

3. Fergus.
Oh precious thief boy! I loved the way the book depicted how both Jamie and Claire adopted him. He looks up to both of them and they need him at a time when they are both suffering from the loss of a child. Fergus wants to be just like Jamie. The scene where Fergus steals the crazy horse and Jamie has to climb a tree to jump on the horse and save Fergus made me smile. I could imagine Jamie doing something similar and being upset with Fergus, but also secretly proud of him for wanting to ride a great horse like he did as a kid.

4. Bonny Prince Charlie.
I didn’t hate Charlie as much in the book. He’s still an ignorant spoiled brat, but I had more sympathy for him. He’s really just an entitled kid who thinks he’s going to rule the world. Little does he know that he’s going to lead thousands of men to their deaths and will ruin any chance Scotland has to be it’s own independent country. It also helped that in the book the phrase “Mark me” is nowhere to be seen.

That concludes my thoughts on Outlander. It is truly a beautiful show and I can’t wait for Season 4 to come back! Let me know what you thought about this years Season 3 and how does book 2 compare to the television show?

Merry Christmas!



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