How do you choose what to read?

How do you choose what to read?

Apologies for the delay in posts. I had a mishap with 3 cats, a kitten, a glass of water and my laptop. As you can imagine it did not end well for the laptop. So now I’m borrowing the public library’s computer/wifi as my poor laptop dries out.

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a book, because (confession time) I haven’t finished the books I’m reading. I have once again broken my cardinal rule of “not reading more than one book at a time” and starting not one, not two, but three books. To make things worse these books were not on the agenda for October nor are they particularly short so I may have dug myself into a reading hole. This has prompted a whole host of life crisis inducing questions! Which one should I read? Do I lay two aside and just focus on one? Do I only read a certain one at work, or before bed? Well, usual the result is that I give up on trying to read any of them and just watch Black Sails.

To  make up for the fact that I am exceedingly behind on my reading I am going to give you an update on these books so that you can get a snapshot of my current reading life.

1. Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon.
This is the marvelous second novel in the series Outlander. I have been reading the second book as I concurrently watch the 3rd series that is now airing on Starz (which I highly recommend watching). Reading the second book serves two purposes. First, it reminds me of the story from series two, because that was a long time ago and let’s be real, I’ve put so many fandoms and stories my head since then that some key bits of information may have fallen out. Second, reading the book soothes my aching heart during the week as I have to now watch series 3 live!!!! I was fortunate enough to not start Outlander until series two had aired so I binged both series 1 and 2 in a month….and then read the entire first book. But now my wretched heart bemoans the days that must pass between each episode. The second book acts as a balm on those days that I wish I could look at sweet Jamie’s face and listen to his silky Scottish voice. Soooo this book was supposed to be finished before series 3 started airing, but that didn’t happen because, hello, it’s 1,000 pages. But it has worked in my favor because I can now enjoy Outlander all week.

2. Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer.
I happened to win this book through a Twitter drawing and I have loved it! I started reading it everyday during my lunch break at work, and it is fabulous. It’s a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, only darker and creepier than the Disney telling. Instead of one Princess there are actually two. Aurora has a sister named Isbe and when they were young they had certain senses taxed from them in exchange for gifts from the fairies. But one gift was not wanted! A curse that Aurora would die on her 16th birthday. A helpful faerie turned the curse into a sleeping curse rather than death, but now the country is in peril. Aurora and the castle inhabitants are asleep and Isbe desperately seeks the help of a neighboring prince to wake her sister and prevent the evil faerie Queen from taking over the world. This YA novel is a splendid read that moves quickly. However, due to my taking on too many projects at once, I’m not finished with it.

3. The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee.
This book is not your typical story. It’s not about a person or event. It’s about a disease. Cancer to be specific. This book is a history of humanity’s relationship with cancer and our attempts to treat it. I work in science and I have a personal interest in cancer, because when I was young my mom died of leukemia. I’ve heard this book mentioned on NPR and at several seminars that I have attended in the last few months. It’s not as gripping as faeries or sexy Scots, but it is hugely informative and it doesn’t read like a textbook. The story instead tries to inform the reader about this entity that we have lived with for thousands of years and about our fight to eradicate it. If you have an interest in cancer, I highly recommend reading this book.

Well, that’s what I’m reading and why I am behind on all my lists. But let’s be real here, who actually is on track with their TBR pile? Tell me about your book struggles. How do you choose what to read? Do you multi-read or are you a one-book-at-a-time person? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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