Outlander Season 3: Episode 3

Outlander Season 3: Episode 3

I adore Claire, but also I respect her for making a really tough decision. When Jamie sends her back through the stones she has to make the most of a very difficult situation. Married to Frank, but pregnant with Jamie’ baby. Well, she pulls up her pride and decides to stay with Frank in order to give her daughter a Father….But is it really worth it?

My frustration with Frank is that he is literally the opposite of Jamie in every single way. And when it comes down to it, Jamie is the one who truly loves Claire. So this post is dedicated to all the ways that Frank and Jamie are different.

1. Jamie loves Claire more than anything. Frank loves himself more than anything.
Example: When it is obvious that Jamie is going to die he sends Claire back to Frank. He would rather see Claire protected by Frank than alone in the world without him. Then there is Frank. Frank is so bitter about the way that Claire came back to him that he refuses to help her integrate back into society. He is so selfish that when it’s obvious he can’t make her happy he refuses to let her go. Even if Claire’s story was completely false, it’s obvious that she has endured trauma and that alone should be reason enough to fine ways to help her integrate back into society. But what does Frank do? When it becomes clear that things are different, Frank finds satisfaction somewhere else. He gets a girlfriend. Frank’s actions reveal that he never truly Claire. He only loved her when she was stroking his ego.

2. Using Brianna against Claire.
This made me so angry. Frank refuses to leave Claire because he wants to be in Brianna’s life, which sounds fine on the surface, but really its totally messed up. Especially when she’s not even his daughter. When Brianna turns 18 he finally believes he can take her away from Claire. He gets a job in England, says he wants a divorce, and that he’s taking Brianna with him. Claire of course will have to stay in Boston. Now to be fair we don’t have a mirrored example of how Jamie would behave if the roles were reversed, but I can guarantee that he would never try to take Claire’s child away from her even if they were having problems. Jamie doesn’t use things against Claire. He deals with the issue at hand that bothers him and they find a way to work through it, even if it is uncomfortable.

3. Cowardice vs bravery.
Frank is a total coward. He can’t face leaving Claire so he slinks around with his little girlfriend and passive-aggressively finds ways to hurt Claire. For example, he shows up with his girlfriend “accidentally” to Claire’s graduation from medical school. He avoids the things that bother him and from the beginning refuses to fight for their relationship. The only one trying to fight for it is Claire and a relationship can only survive for so long with one person invested in it. Then there is Jamie. Ah perfect (or nearly perfect) Jamie. When Jamie is on a revenge mission to kill Jack Randall, Claire begs him not to kill Randall because then Frank won’t ever be born (weird timey-whimey stuff). But despite everything in Jamie telling him to kill Randall, he refrains for Claire. He chooses to put Claire’s needs, safety, and happiness above what he wants and that is love.


I love Jamie and I hate Frank. I have tried and tried and tried to give Frank chances to redeem his stupid self, but he literally fails every single time. And then Jamie. Jamie exceeds expectations. Our society teaches that the only choices guys make in relationships are the wrong ones, but the fact is that that is a sexist standard. Guys aren’t given role models of guys who are faithful, and kind, and protective and supportive. They are told that they are cheating and lack self-control. But this is contrary to all of Jamie’s characteristics. This is why he’s amazing and why he has such a dedicated fan club.

What are your feelings about Frank? Do you think that we need more male role models like Jamie?


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