Outlander Season 3: Episode 2 Oh the Feels!

Outlander Season 3: Episode 2 Oh the Feels!

Episode two was about hitting you in all the places that hurt. And there are spoilers in this post so read ahead at your own peril.

Jamie and Claire are still separated by two-hundred years of time and even worse they believe that they are never going to see each other again. I have heard a devastating rumor that this separation will continue until episode 6! That’s a full month before my beautiful red head and bonnie lass get to embrace in what will most certainly be an epic reunion.

Second my beloved baby Fergus is horribly mutilated! Fergus stands up to the red coats to protect his adopted family. And when they are close to Jamie’s hiding place he taunts them to lead them away from his cave. The result is that they catch him and…chop off his hand. Gahhh! SO many tears. But the most amazing part is that they talked about this very scenario in the second season/book 2 and that Jamie promised to take care of him for the rest of his life. Cue hysterical sobbing.

Ok then let’s talk about Frank. I am not a Frank fan. He’s stuck in the past. He refuses to acknowledge the traumatic past that Claire lived through and wants to act like nothing happened. Even if he can’t believe the story that Claire told him, he has to realize that what she’s been through changes their relationship and they are going to have to take it slow. He’s never happy with the baby steps that they take. In the beginning Claire won’t even let him touch her, but by episode two she want to try having sex again. Now I would say that’s significant progress. But rather than being excited about the progress they are making in their relationship, Frank sabotages their entire relationship by pushing for more than Claire’s ready to give. Now I understand that Claire is still in love with Jamie, but she’s never going to be able to live a new happy life with Frank if he doesn’t give her the space to grieve and re-imagine their relationship.

This episode was brilliantly filmed. So as I previously mentioned Jamie and Claire are separated by 200 years of history and both is fully convinced that they will never see each other again, which come on, we all know isn’t true. But anyway, they are attempting to deal with that tragedy in the best way that they can. Surprisingly they both deal with their separation in mirror ways. Jamie hides in a cave away from the rest of the world, brooding over his loss. Claire remains in her house also brooding. Claire attempts to move on by pursuing sex with Frank. Jamie attempts to move on by pursuing sex with Mary the servant. But ultimately what really allows them to move on is by investing in a cause that’s bigger than both of them. Claire pursues med school and Jamie pursues protecting his family from the red coats.

So where does that leave us? Well, like I said in the beginning, full of all the feels and quite a few tears. And until Episode three comes out we will have to leave our discussion to brood.

What stood out to you about Episode 2? What do you think of Claire and Jamie’s parallel methods of coping? And Fergus? Someone please tell me that they were crying about that tragedy?


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