To Kindle or not to Kindle? That is the question

To Kindle or not to Kindle? That is the question

Books are the best thing in the history of forever, and as technology has advanced so our book formats have increased. I mean, think about it. Eons ago, people read off of rocks, and pottery, and animal skins. Books used to be handwritten*, and then the printing press was invented and the entire way that people thought about books changed.

Today the revolution that is rocking our world: e-readers. I have a kindle (this post is totally my own opinion and not coerced at all) and at first I was resistant to using it. My loving parents thought what better gift to get our poor daughter who won’t get her nose out of book long enough to eat her cereal? Well, I’ve had the kindle for several years now and so I thought I would give the pros and cons of what it is like using an e-reader.

*I would have failed in that century as my handwriting is TERRIBLE!


1. It’s light.
I love to travel. Do you know what is not travel friendly? Thirteen hardback books. Yes my friend, I once packed thirteen hardback books in their own suitcase and took them on a fourteen day vacation to Grandma’s house. The point is, I need to take basically as many books as I can possibly fit into my luggage because (GASP) what if I finish them all?!!!!! Then I’ll be stuck somewhere with nothing to read, without a library!!!!! The horror!!!!!! Ok, I’m being dramatic, but the fear is real. With my kindle I never have to fear, because I can take 100 books and I won’t end up with crippling back pains or excruciating luggage fees.

2. It doesn’t have a back-lit screen.
Now some people may hate this, but I think this is great. I for one, find staring at blue screen right before bed not at all relaxing. And reading before bed is a must. I literally cannot fall asleep unless I’ve perused the pages of at least one volume. I require soft yellow lights for relaxation and the non-back lit kindle means that the light is perfect. Also blue light has been shown to be bad for your eyes and I have no desire to be blind by the time I’m 25.

3. I can now check out basically any book for free….from the comfort of my bed.
Gone are the days of cursing irregular library house, because even if the library is closed you can still check out e-books. All I have to do is remember my login…which could be problematic. But anyway, barring a complete laps in memory, I’ll have whatever book my bookish heart could want.


1. No pages.
I am a total nerd when it comes to books and the tactile feel of the pages is something I really enjoy. (Is that weird?) I have books that I’ve read over and over and I may not be able to tell you the page number, but I can find any passage within 30 seconds because I know it’s on this side of the book around this part of the page and the book will feel about this open…ya maybe it would be easier to just remember the page number, but I don’t. And and e-reader just isn’t the same. It’s literally the same page over and over. The book seems to lose some of its personality that way. (Yes books have personalities and feelings! So don’t insult them by implying otherwise!)

2. It is battery operated so if you happen to forget to charge it and are stuck on the morning train and it suddenly dies, well you’re out of luck. Poor unfortunate soul, you are now forced to talk to the gross person who has continually tried to hit on you.


I love my kindle, but I also love books. I don’t think I will ever be one of those people who entirely gives up the wonderful feel of pages. So my conclusion is that the kindle is another great tool for having access to more literature.

Are you a kindle user? Are you completely anti-kindle? Are you somewhere in the middle? What’s are the pros and cons of using a kindle? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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