Outlander Season 3: Episode 1

Outlander Season 3: Episode 1

I love this show! I mean what could be better? Scottish accents and (eh-hem) kilts, kick-butt ladies, and an epic story that transcends genre. Seriously if you can tell me what genre this is, I’ll be impressed. And then I’ll tell you, you’re wrong because it is a brilliant combination of so many genres that you can’t choose.

Since I know have to watch the show in real-time television, to alleviate so of my weekly agony I have decided to do a weekly update on my thoughts of that episode and mostly my emotional wails as I attempt to cope with that fact that they are breaking Jamie AGAIN! And there is nothing I can do to stop it. So for sure this series of posts will be full of SPOILERS, so if you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet…well fix that and then fangirl with me!

The second season left off with Jamie going to the Battle of Culloden and Claire fleeing back to the safety of modern times and…Frank (ew). As the episode opens we get a feel for how that’s going for both of them.

Claire: Suffering from judgement from Frank, the media, doctors and basically anyone who knows a tiny bit about her being gone for three years. Also very pregnant with Jamie’s baby so #awkward.

Jamie: Suffering. Ok no wrong word. Dying. Literally dying. Jamie is dying, people, and Claire isn’t there to use her magic medicine to make him better!!!!! AGHHHHH! (Ya there will be me screaming my feels to you through the screen so be prepared.)

Ok things that I found really interesting

1. Sexism in the 1940s was terrible!
I guess logically I knew that, but I didn’t really understand what the full implications of that were or how I would feel if I were a woman in the 40s. Claire goes in to the hospital to have her and Jamie’s baby and the doctor makes Frank leave her alone and then proceeds to force her to have an unnecessary C-section because he thinks he’s a man and knows everything. And poor Claire can do nothing about it, because a. she’s a woman and b. Frank isn’t there to protect her.
This is a profound example of why women can’t rely on men, even good men, to protect them, because there will come a time when they can’t be by your side anymore and no matter how good their intentions are they won’t be able to save you from what’s coming. As a woman you have to be empowered to protect yourself.

2. Women perpetuated sexism as well as men.
Claire and Frank move to Boston to start over and Claire happens to meet a neighbor woman. As they are talking and getting to know one another the neighbor finds out that Claire cooks Frank’s dinner over an open fire (#raisedinthewildsofScotland). The woman then says rather rebukingly that if she had ever changed up her husbands dinner he would throw a fit and implies that Claire should be more considerate about her own husband.
It was sad for me to think that women were (and often still are) so divided that even something as small as trying something new for dinner can turn into an instance where women are refused power. Claire is belittled because she is taking power from her husband by choosing to decide to make dinner in a manner that is contrary to the norm. But consider this: If this neighbor woman had instead supported Claire’s simple decision to cook on a fire they could have forged a friendship that empowered both of them. We as women often have the ability to support one another, but when someone steps out of the social line to be different we are the first to judge and bring that individual back to the status quo.

3. Rupert. 
AGGGGGHHH!!!!! So many tears! Why why why? He was so amazing and now he’s gone! I’ll be grieving for weeks. Also though, I’d like to take this opportunity to say what twisted psychos the English soldiers were. They walk into a house completely full of wounded men, many of whom can’t stand on their own, and pronounce them all to be executed. Then they have them volunteer one by one to be taken out back and shot. Like who thinks of this stuff? And the irony of all ironies. An English soldier asks his commander what to do about the men who can’t get up. Do we shoot them lying down? he asks. And his commander replies with affront that that is not an honorable way to execute a man. They must be propped up and then they can be shot guilt free.
Isn’t it amazing the sort of things people can come up with in order to justify their behavior. And I wonder how often in our own lives we find ways to justify our misbehavior in order to sleep guilt free at night. Perhaps we are just to busy to stop and help that kid being bullied, or too poor to help the homeless person, or make excuses about why we shouldn’t take a stand. It’s our job. It’s how it’s always been done. But to be a part of the solution we must stop making excuses and start making decisions for change.

Minor tid-bits

  • There is a particularly beautiful shot of Jamie’s bare knees.
  • The cinematography is stunning for the Battle of Culloden
  • Jenny is back and I’m so incredibly excited about it!


It was a great way to start the season and I’m dying for episode 2 to come out. Also I’ve heard rumor that Claire and Jamie won’t be back together until episode 6!!!! And that I think is waaaaay to long. But until then I shall endure the suffering.

Tell me how you liked the premiere! Did it live up to your expectations? What themes are you pulling out for this season? Did you catch a glimpse of the beautiful knees?


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