Rejected Princesses: The Fairytales You’ve Been Missing

Rejected Princesses: The Fairytales You’ve Been Missing

I was griping to my friend about the fact that there are so many fairy tales that paint women as the damsel in distress and never provide an example of women going on adventures, doing crazy things, and generally being heroic. Then she recommended this blog my Jason Porath that’s all about women doing just those things.

When I discovered that he had an entire collection of stories coming out in a book I was overjoyed! I read the entire thing and it was fantastic! I cannot even begin to describe how much I loved it, but I’m going to try anyway.

1. It. Has. Pictures.
I firmly believe that more books should have illustrations in them because let’s be real. Every adult secretly wishes that authors would figure it out and put pictures in their books. In fact, it would be perfect because it would be a way for artists to get their artwork to more people who could appreciate it because the context is right there in the book. Ok, but anyway the illustrations in this book are amazing! There is at least one picture for every story and they are truly amazing.

2. It’s about all different kinds of women.
It’s not about the sort of white-washed-society-approved women. It’s about rebellious women, ordinary women, truly insane women, women from all sorts of cultures, educations, backgrounds, myths, and legends. Women who dared to be something more than what they were told they could do. It is great because it’s not just about women doing heroic things. It’s also about women who did terrible things. We hear about the male villains in history, but we never hear about the real female villains. The female “villains” we hear about are usually brave women doing awesome things, but they got branded as witches. Not real villains.

3. The rating system.
So this book is great because it’s for all ages. And by that I don’t mean that every story in the book is for all ages. But there are stories in the book for all ages. Let me clarify. Each story is rated one to five. One being nothing gory, sexual, or disturbing is included in the story. Five being everything gory, sexual, and disturbing is included and younger audiences should proceed with caution. This means that innocent youngsters can still read about kick-butt ladies, without having to be exposed to more mature content.

So I love this book and you should totally read it! And not just you, everyone should read it! We need our young people to read stories of inspirational heroines, hellions, and heretics. Then maybe it won’t be so shocking when a woman stands up and uses her brain to do something new. If you want to sample some of these amazing stories please check out Jason Paroth’s website and follow his twitter page! Fun update I just discovered that there is going to be a second Rejected Princesses book so please buy the first book and support this awesome project.


Porath, J. (2016). Rejected princesses: tales of historys boldest heroines, hellions, and heretics. New York, NY: Dey St.

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