The Name of the Wind/The Wise Man’s Fear: Character Theme Songs

The Name of the Wind/The Wise Man’s Fear: Character Theme Songs

One of the benefits of movies is the music. Music can cause you to feel tension, sadness, romance, happiness, fear, the list goes on. Author’s have to create all of those emotions through words only, which is a feat. Today I’ve decided to put my characters to music. I’ve been reading The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss, which is fabulous. This is an overview of what each of the characters is like and to really help you grasp who they are listen to their theme songs!

1. I’m a survivor-Destiny’s Child.
Kvothe is the main character of this series and if I had to describe him in one word it would be survivor. His entire family is murdered when he’s a child. He lives on the streets of a major city and is able to scam his way out of poverty. He get’s through life pure nerve. He refuses to let anyone tell him what his limits are and adapts to whatever situation life throws at him.

2. Dangerous woman-Ariana Grande.
Devi is a brilliant and powerful woman, and like many powerful women she is side-lined because she threatens the male ego. She’s more powerful than the most powerful professor at the University so they find an excuse to throw her out. But rather than let that put her down she builds an underground empire where she is the black-market queen. She continues to pursue her studies by stealing/acquiring books and makes her own living by scamming those egotistical males who refuse to let her study with them. Although she becomes an ally to Kvothe, she is a wild animal. She is powerful and that makes her dangerous, which means she should be treated with respect.

3. You don’t own me-Grace, G-Eazy.
Denna is the protagonists mysterious love. She is beautiful and talented and captivating, and because of these qualities she has a flock of men who are constantly fawning over her. Denna uses this to her advantage. Not being fortunate enough to have money of her own she trades her looks and talent for the charms her suitors offer her. Kvothe wisely sees the way her controlling suitors attempt to tie her down and force her to fit into their ideals. But the harder they try the quicker she slips away. Kvothe is smart and knows that no one owns Denna and she is an independent spirit.

4. Can’t keep my hands to myself-Selena Gomez.
Ambrose. Oh this ridiculous donkey. This song is his perfect mantra because on the one hand he literally can’t keep his hands to himself. He is known for being a womanizer at the University and this opens himself up to being manipulated. But it’s also a double meaning. Ambrose is the rich kid at the playground, who has the newest flashiest toys, but he isn’t content. He looks around and sees some poor kid (Kvothe) who has one simple toy and Ambrose wants that toy. When he can’t have the toy he decides to throw a tantrum, break the other kid’s toy, ruin his life, and then try to kill him. Oh ya, he’s a naughty kid.

5. Geronimo-Sheppard.
Elodin is the naming professor, and the thing about naming is it makes you….well it makes you insane, in the very literal sense of the word. I’m going to give you a tiny spoiler story of Elodin and Kvothe’s relationship. Now Kvothe wants to train with Elodin because he desperately wants to learn the name of the wind (if you know the true name of something you have mastery over that thing). So one day, Master Elodin is standing on top of a building and Kvothe comes up to him and begs him to take him on as a student. Elodin’s criteria is to jump off the roof and Kvothe being the absolute genius (please read sarcasm) jumps. This song is a nod to the dear crazy professor.

6. Wings-Little Mix.
Fela is one of Kvothe’s classmates and she is amazing! She is beautiful and kick-butt! She works in the archives (basically the library to end all libraries) and the fishery (metal working/forgery). She is top of her naming class. Actually she is the only student of her entire class to be able to reliably call the name of a substance after an entire term of study. She is also a no-nonsense girl who refuses to take any crap from Ambrose. She cares deeply for her friends and wants to use her brains to do something productive. Wings is a song about empowering girls and how even when people say “You can’t do it” it doesn’t matter because you’re going to fly anyway. That is Fela is a nutshell.

7. Sweet Disposition-Temper Trap.
Auri, my precious sweet fairy child! Auri is one of Elodin’s former students and remember what I said about naming making you insane? Well, it made Auri insane. But in the most angelic way ever! She lives in the pipes under the school and her only friend in the world is Kvothe. He brings her food and presents and plays her music and in turn she shows him the tunnels and comforts him when he’s going through tough times. She is my absolute favorite character and although she may be insane she is in no way less influential.

8. Over and over again-Nathan Sykes, Ariana Grande.
Felurian of the fae. She is the fae equivalent of Sirens from Greek Mythology. She is the most beautiful woman in all the world. She walks by moon light, naked. If a man sees her they lose all their senses and pursue her at all cost. She then uses them until they die or until she releases them to walk the world insane. Now this song is Felurian’s theme for several reasons. 1) The simple piano trills have a magical sound that suggests Felurian’s grove. 2) The line, “Don’t ever think I need more, I have the one to live for,” becomes strangely creepy when thought of through the Felurian lens, since men literally die of needing nothing else but her. Think about it. If the only thing that keeps you alive is this ridiculous sex fairy and she casts you out. You die. 3) “Girl when I’m with you I lose track of time.” In Felurian’s grove time is…different. Kvothe is sure he has been there for years, but when he leaves he finds that it has only been a day.

9. Stand by you-Rachel Platten.
Bast is a fairy, but not the cutsie, winged thing. He’s the scary, cut-your-heart-out-if-you-touch-my-Kvothe kind of fairy. The reader only gets to experience Bast from the outer parts of the story, where Kvothe is narrating. But through the glimpses of his character, the reader gets the sense that he is extremely loyal to Kvothe. In fact, he’s working desperately to save him. For some reason, we don’t know why, Kvothe is dying, and Bast is working overtime to try and stop that. There’s this underlying tension that implies Bast would commit unspeakable things to save Kvothe or go through unimaginable pain to reliev his burden.

10. I know things-Into the woods (Lilla Crawford)
The Chronicler is writing down Kvothe’s story as Kvothe narrates. The Chronicler starts the series getting waylaid in a small town and discovers a gem: the legendary Kvothe. He learns things through the story that he could never have imagined before. I know things is a song from the musical, Into the woods, which is about twisted fairy tales. I know things is about Red Riding Hood getting kidnapped by the wolf. Kvothe shows things to Chronicler that he had never known the same way the Wolf does to Red Riding Hood, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the things are good.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my musical representation of these characters. Do you have theme songs picked out for this awesome cast? Let me know in the comments!


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