The Top 7 Reasons I Started Blogging

The Top 7 Reasons I Started Blogging

My blog is officially four months old! As such, I have decided to discuss the top 7 reasons that I started blogging.

1. I love to write.
In college I was an animal science major, which I loved, but I have always been about balance. I decided half way through college that I really missed reading actual novels and writing about them, so I minored in Comparative Literature. It was one of the best decisions I made in college! I’m working in science now, and I found that I was missing reading and writing again, so I started a blog.

2. Sharing ideas with other people.
One of my favorite things about Comparative Literature classes in college was that I would get to hear other people’s perspective. I could read the same book as someone else and walk away with a completely differently take on it. The blogging sphere is no different. I can read re-views that other people have written and it challenges my own views on a book.

3. A creative outlet.
I am by nature a creative person. As a child my mom would ask me how Sunday school was and rather than tell her what we actually did I would make up an imaginary story about going to the zoo or on a rocket ship. I wasn’t lying, I was exercising my creative faculties. Children are given creative license to tell all sorts of imaginary stories, but as adults we’re expected to live in reality. All. The. Time. But blogging gives me the creative license to live in an imaginary world. It allows me to use those creative muscles to make something that I enjoy.

4. What to do with all those books?
I love to read. I don’t mean the sort of casual love that fizzles out after a week. I mean the deep soul crushing passionate love. The kind of love where you weep when you see a beautifully embellished hard-cover. The kind of love that keeps you up till 3am because you can’t decide if you hate the villain’s guts or you might actually be crushing on him. The kind of love that inspires you to be a better person. The kind that boarders on obsessive and might need therapy someday. Ya, that kind of love. So now that we’re on the same page about that, blogging is a way for me to work out all those conflicting feels about my books.

5. Improves my writing.
I believe that if you’re going to do something well, it’s going to require practice. There’s something about nameless strangers reading my work that makes me want to continually improve. Reading how other bloggers approach blogging gives me inspiration to try new things. And like any good student it gives me an outlet to practice, practice, practice. Hopefully, these things are a recipe for improvement.

6.  It is a way to be connected to other people.
The world is a huge place with literally billions of people and without this crazy thing called the internet, my access to meeting different kinds of people would be way more limited. Some people don’t really care about literature (cry!), but I understand it’s not everyone’s thing (Ok maybe I don’t really understand, but I’ll nod and pretend I do). Through blogging I can connect with people who go all limp and giggly over world building or the use of puns.

7. The dream.
I would love to have a side-business writing. I have several book ideas as well as an interest in freelance writing. Blogging, for me, is the first step into the writing world. It is a platform to connect with people in the industry. It’s a way to reach an audience of people who someday maybe interested in reading that novel that’s floating in the recesses of my brain.

Well that’s about sums it up. I’m excited to see how the things I love about blogging evolve over time. I’m inspired by those bloggers who have been blogging for years and it gives me motivation to keep writing.


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